Fascination with Californian lifestyle and longstanding experience make Goggle products best  for active people who want to achieve more. Advanced production technologies and perfect design contribute to the success of the brand, which is well recognized worldwide. Passion, great diligence in designing each model as well as using latest  production technologies add up to the identity of the entire collection.


POLARIZED PROTEC G-LENS reduce significantly all kinds of irritating glare and light flashes while increasing safety in situations when use of sunglasses is required. Sight comfort is guaranteed through intensifying of sight sharpness as well as of distinctness of colours.

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System provides users with the possibility of easily changing a variety of lenses to adapt glasses to actual weather conditions. GOGGLE sunglasses equipped with LENS CHANGE G-SYSTEM include at least one additional pair of lenses and a useful hard case.
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Photochromatic TRANSMATIC lenses are specially designed to efficiently adjust and adapt in changes of light to protect one’s eyes from the sunlight. Under the influence of solar radiation, the lenses changes between the categories of cat. 1 and cat. 3, S2 and S3. Therefore, the user may be comfortable in various shades of light.
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